Begin the SkyRider tour with a spectacular view of the Western White Mountains and a thrilling descent from 60' up a pine tree in Treewalk Village.  A little longer, higher and faster than our Treetop Tour, this trip is packed with adventure to excite everyone from the first time zipliner to experienced thrill-seekers.  The first step may be intimidating for people who are sensitive to heights.

All zipline tours are located on our 300 private acres, just minutes south of Lincoln NH, on 1700' Barron Mountain.  Tours feature a ride to the start of your tour in our 6-wheel Austrian troop transport vehicles - the Pinzgauer.

This tour takes approximately 2 hours to complete, when it is a full trip.


Our MOST Popular zipline tour features:

  • Side-by-side dual ziplines to race your friend.
  • 4 separate Ziplines, the longest reaching up to 1600', 200' feet above the forest floor.
  • 5 Suspended Bridges and a visit to our Treehouse.
  • Low speed roller-coaster ride in our Pinzguaers.


Alpine Adventures


Participants must be:

  • in relatively good physical condition for hiking and jumping.
  • free from neck or back injuries.
  • able to read, listen and understand all rules, procedures, and instructions.
  • of sound body and mind and NOT under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Weight and height restrictions for this activity are 70 lbs. - 240 lbs., and a maximum 6'5" tall.

Participants under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

Ziplining is not recommended for expectant mothers, consult your doctor prior to visit.

Participants who do not meet these restrictions will not be able to participate nor will be refunded.

Tours must have a minimum of 2 participants.

What to Bring

All Alpine Adventure activities require closed toe shoes. We recommend hiking/walking shoes.

Longer shorts or pants are preferred for comfort in the harness.  No skirts or belly shirts are allowed.  

Long hair must be tied back and no dangling earrings, chest or belly-button rings are allowed.

We recommend you dress for the weather, we zip rain, snow or shine.  Remember gloves after Labor Day and a cap or hat under the helmet for colder weather.  Bring rain gear if it's forecasted.  In an emergency we have some rain jackets available on a first come, first serve basis.

Remember to apply bug repellent and/or sunscreen as appropriate.  Caps may be worn under the helmet if they fit comfortably.  Sunglasses may be worn if they are secure enough to not fall off when you look down and shake your head.

We like to remind our guests in the forest, hundreds of feet above the ground, we don't have lost and found - we only have lost.

The Alpine Marketplace on-site has provisions for sale if you have left something at home.